12 May 2000


(General Vecihi AKIN Garrison, Şirinyer, İzmir) - Joint Command Southeast (JCSE) hosted representatives from eleven Partnership for Peace (PfP), one Mediterranean Dialogue, two NATO member countries as well as representatives from AFSOUTH and the PfP Coordination Centre at the Military Coordination Seminar held in Izmir 08-12 May.

Representatives from the PfP nations of Albania, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Romania, Slovania, Ukraine and Uzbekistan; Jordan as a Mediterranean Dialogue country and the NATO nations of Italy and Turkey participated in the seminar.

The seminar concentrated on issues and discussions concerning the methods and procedures used to plan the Partnership Work Programme (PWP), the role and the restructuring of the PfP Coordination Cell (PCC), and the significance of the role played by the PfP Training Centre in Ankara in the training provided to the personnel from PfP nations. The seminar participants were also briefed on JCSE Military Cooperation activities, the methods used to ensure success for these activities and the role of Public Information in PfP. The syndicates had the opportunity to receive briefings on and discuss regional initiatives, budget and the procedures implemented in establishing the work programme.

The fact that the participants were officers who worked in the area of military cooperation in their own countries ensured an interactive seminar leading to constructive proposals. General Tamer Akbaş, Commander JCSE, delivered the closing remarks of the seminar. Wishing that the contacts made at the seminar would be lasting ones, General Akbaş stated that military cooperation was a great time and money saving activity and that military education enhanced by this kind of seminar and other types of visits regarding military cooperation should continue to receive priority and importance.

The seminar participants were also provided the opportunity to have a glimpse of the social and cultural life of Turkey during a full day trip to Ephesus and the surrounding area conducted on 12 May.


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