14 June 2000

Exercise Cooperative Dragon 2000

NATO and Partner nations will conduct the Partnership for Peace (PfP) exercise Cooperative Dragon 2000 (CDR00) in Tirana, Albania from June 21 to July l, 2000.

Personnel from five NATO and nine Partner nations will train in Peace Support Operations and Humanitarian Aid during this Command Post and Field Training Exercise.

Participating NATO nations are: Greece, Hungary, Italy, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Participating partner nations are: Albania, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia1, Georgia, Moldava, Romania, Slovakia, and the Ukraine, The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the United Nations High Commisioner for Refugees (UNHCR) will also participate in this exercise.

CDR 00 aims to develop a common understanding of the doctrine on military contributions to Peace Support Operations and Humanitarian Aid. To enhance military interoperability, NATO and partner Nations' staffs will be trained in the procedures required to conduct operations at multinational brigade and platoon levels. The participating nations will therefore form a multinational brigade headquarters, a large field company, and a mobile medical facility to achieve the exercise aim.

CDR 00 is scheduled by Admiral James 0. Ellis, Jr., Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces Southern Europe (CINCSOUTH). The exercise will be conducted by General Tamer Akba■, Commander, Joint Command Southeast (COMJCSOUTHEAST), with Lieutenant General Ronald E. Keys, Commander, Allied Air Forces Southern Europe (COMAIRSOUTH), as the Supporting commander.

A press information center (PIC) will be operational in Tirana, Albania from June 18 to July l, 2000. Questions prior to the establishment of the PIC should be addressed to JHQ SOUTHEAST Public Information Office. During the exercise the JHQ SOUTHEAST internet home page will be updated regularly to provide photographs and more information on the exercise. Phone and fax numbers and the e-mail and home page addresses for JHQ SOUTHEAST Public Information Office are given below.

'Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.


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