No: 03

11 Jun 2002


Exercise Cooperative Best Effort 2002 (CBE 02) will take place in T'bilisi, Georgia from 17-28 June 2002.

Personnel from six NATO and nine Partner Nations will form a multi-national battalion that will train and improve their interoperability through the exchange of light infantry skills in a Peace Support Operations scenario. In addition to the military training tasks, a multi-national medical facility will be established as part of the exercise to offer medieal care to the local population.

Participating NATO Nations in the exercise are: Canada, Greece, Hungary, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. The Partner Nations involved in CBE 02 are: Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania and, Ukraine.

CBE 02 is the main annual field training exercise at a multinational small unit level in the Southern Region held in the framework of the Partnership for Peace programme. It is one of the series aimed at fostering understanding and interoperability between NATO and Partner Nations and improving effectiveness in the field. It is designed to enhance military interoperability thorough a variety of Peace Support Operation tasks, providing basic knowledge of the conduct of such operations and serving as an important building block to higher-level land exercises.

CBE 02 is scheduled by the Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces Southern Europe (CINCSOUTH), Admiral Gregory G. Johnson, and will be executed by the Commander, Joint Command Southeast (COMJCSOUTHEAST), General Oktar Ataman, as part of the yearly program of Southern Region training activities conducted in 2002.


NOTE TO THE EDITOR: A Press Information Centre (PIC) will be operational at Hotel
"OLD T'BILISI", T'bilisi, Georgia 14-28 Jun 2002.

Media questions prior to the establishment of the PIC should be addressed to:
JHQSOUTHEAST Public Information Office,
Tel. +90-232-4484848 ext. 2007/2008.
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