Exercise Cooperative Determination 

      5-16 November 2001

      Baku, Azerbaijan

    Press Information Center


Important Events


NOVEMBER 6, 2001

Exercise participants conducted training workshops and individual cell training in preparation for the command post exercise.

Local and national news agencies were invited to the Cooperative Determination exercise site for a press conference held by the Public Information Center. Representatives from 11 different agencies turned out for the event covering the entire spectrum of media. Maj. Beckman, Public Information Officer opened the conference with an introductory briefing and Brig. Gen. Deed and Col. Jafarov, exercise co-directors, both gave speeches and answered questions from the press. The conference was featured in numerous TV broadcasts, radio spots and newspapers articles.

NOVEMBER 7, 2001

The medical clinic opened today and welcomed local Azeri people for free medical treatment. Doctors and nurses from eight different countries are working together to make the clinic a success.

Exercise participants continued training workshops and conducted simulation training.

NOVEMBER 8, 2001

Participants from the 18 different nations gathered at Gulistan Palace for the opening ceremony of the exercise. Each country was showcased with the playing of their respective national anthems and a parade of troops.  Speakers at the ceremony included the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Colonel General Safar Abiyev and Commander of Joint Command Southeast, General Oktar Ataman. The ceremony ended with a reception and a traditional show performed by local Azeris.


NOVEMBER 10, 2001

Members of the Multi-National Brigade conducted a mini exercise to prepare for the upcoming CPX.  The mini-ex tested all components of the exercise making sure everyone was in place and all equipment was working.  Afterwards an After Action Review was held to review the results of the practice exercise. 


NOVEMBER 11, 2001

Azerbaijan hosted a Cultural Day in which all exercise participants were taken to sites of interest around the city of Baku.  Some of the places visited were Gobustan "Picture Gallery" featuring stone carvings dating back as far as 10,000 B.C.  Participants were also taken to Ateshgah Fire Worship Temple and were able to walk around Baku to take in the old city ruins.


NOVEMBER 12, 2001

 The CPX kicked off today and the MNB was given a number of scenarios to react and respond to. The medical clinic opened its doors at the Qagayi Camp to treat internally displaced persons of the area.

 The Public Information Office also hosted a Media Day Tour where media representatives were given a tour of the exercise site and traveled to the Qagayi Camp to watch the clinic in action.

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