Joint Command Southeast excels in training Partner and Allied units in the complexities of peace Support Operations. The command is accomplishing this through a variety of exercise organizations.

General Ataman is serving as the exercise commander and role-playing as the Land component commander, or COMPFORA.

JCSE has established the PFORA Headquarters under Col. Serge Labbe, Canadian Army, the J3/5/7/9 Coordinator. The PFORA headquarters tasks the subordinate units and gives them fragmentary orders.

JCSE has also established the lower control organization that replicates the maneuver companies for the command post battalions. JCSE Col. Theobald, UK Army, runs lower control and ensures the CPX battalion staffs are challenged every day.

The Field Training is being coordinated under JCSE's Assistant Chief of Staff, J1, Col Carlson, US Army. The field training coordination cell involve getting the opposing forces and the umpires at the right place and the right time to portray a realistic and challenging peace support scenario for the exercise participants.

JCSE is also providing skilled role-players as mayors, Greyland officials, hostile journalists, and even the mercenary leader "The Ronin." JCSE's Wing Commander Rushmere ensures the role-player present the exercise participants a realistic picture of a peace support operation.

PFORA Left: PFORA HQ - The JCSE staff has created the Peace force Amberonia Headquarters or PFORA for Exercise Cooperative Adventure Exchange.

Right: JCSE staff members ensure that role players and opposing forces create a realistic Peace Support Operation for the participants.

MSG Polite

MAJ Tetik

Left: MAJ Tetik, TU Army, coordinates security with Ukrainian staff members at Central City in Yavoriv Training Area, Ukraine.

Right: LTC Gillis, U. S. Army, discusses training in the PFORA HQ's.

MAJ Gillis
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