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02-13 February 1998

Izmir, Turkey

STAFFEX is an annual LANDSOUTHEAST staff training exercise with participation by all members assigned to LSE. The exercise is a vehicle for battlestaff training to prepare the headquarters for its wartime mission. The exercise is scheduled to provide a warm up in support of SHAPE and AFSOUTH's exercise programs.

The exercise provides an opportunity to test battlestaff procedures and techniques. This year LSE HQ has expanded the scope of the exercise to practice operational planning in addition to battlestaff procedures. Members from NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A), and the SHAPE Special Exercise Section (SHOES) have deployed to LSE HQ in support of the exercise with seminars, role players and automation Support. To enhance the training value the exercise is being conducted as a Computer Assisted Exercise (CAX).

STAFFEX is conducted in two phases, the first phase is for operational planning and seminars (02-06 February 1998). Phase 2 (09-13 February 1998) is the actual CAX when all Staff Divisions deploy to the HQ's wartime location at Disko Hit.

sfx1.jpg (63785 bytes) LANDSOUTHEAST staff participate in the 2nd phase of STAFFEX.
sfx2.jpg (38787 bytes) LANDSOUTHEAST Command Group members listen attentively to a course of action decision briefing during the 1st phase of the exercise.