Joint Command SOUTHEAST (JCSOUTHEAST) is to contribute to the security and territorial integrity of the Allied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH) Area of Responsibility. JCSOUTHEAST must be prepared to conduct operations and to support or reinforce inter/intra-regionally. JCSOUTHEAST is to contribute to the preservation of peace and the promotion of stability through cooperation and dialogue, participates in crisis management and be prepared to plan and execute, or provide support for, expanded roles and missions as assigned by CINCSOUTH.

In peacetime, through dialogue, partnership, and cooperation with non-NATO countries that share the Alliance's broad political objectives, JCSOUTHEAST contributes to the maintenance of peace and stability in the region. Furthermore, it develops the requirements, plans and procedures for those military forces which would be assigned to the region in peace, crisis or war. This includes the planning and conduct of military exercises. To further promote peace in the region, the focus now includes Partnership for Peace (PfP) training exercises which are designed to foster interoperability among NATO forces and those of PfP nations.

In crises, JCSOUTHEAST recommends and conducts military measures to reinforce political actions or contributes to NATO's support of the United Nations (UN) and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) operations.

If deterrence fails, JCSOUTHEAST is responsible for the control of all forces assigned within a mission-specific joint operational area for both Article V and/or non Article V military operations.

In the final analysis, JCSOUTHEAST, the bastion of NATO’s southern front, plays a vital role in maintaining peace and stability in this very important strategic and volatile area of the world.