JOINT COMMAND SOUTHEAST (JCSOUTHEAST) is one of four Joint Sub-Regional Commands under the Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces Southern Europe (CINCSOUTH) in the military organization of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). A four star Turkish Army General commands JCSOUTHEAST. He is assisted by a US Major General as Deputy and a Greek Major General as Chief of Staff.

In keeping with the tradition of NATO as an international organization, the JCSOUTHEAST peacetime establishment includes personnel from Canada, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. Communications support for JCSOUTHEAST is provided by the Allied Signal Group while garrison support and security are provided by the Headquarters Support Group.


There are no standing forces under JCSOUTHEAST’s command in peace time. In the event of crises or a threat to NATO territory, COMJCSOUTHEAST could command NATO reinforcements, including immediate, rapid reaction and augmentation forces that may comprise Navy and Air force packages that would deploy to the JCSOUTHEAST mission-specific joint operations area.