No: 02-03                                                                                                                            12 February 2003





Izmir - Joint Command Southeast (JCSE), will commemorate the 88th Anniversary of the Çanakkale Battles at General Vecihi Akin Garrison, 19:30 hours on Sunday, 16 March 2003.

During the commemoration, a group of military and civilian personnel from JCSE will perform a play adapted from the novel “The Long White Cloud-Gallipoli” by Buket Uzuner. The author has accepted JCSE’s project standing on a non-profitable basis relying on intense enthusiasm of amateur performers.

Media representatives are cordially invited to cover this event. Media agencies wishing to attend should contact JCSE Public Information Office via the telephone or fax numbers provided below for registration. Attendees should be ready at the front gate of General Vecihi Akin Garrison before 19:00 on March 16.





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