Izmir, Turkey

News Release


No. 3-01


For photos of the exercise, click here

(Disko Hit, Turkey – 10 March 00) NATO’s Izmir headquarters concluded its annual staff training exercise here today.

Exercise Disciplined Warrior 2000, a two week command post exercise at Disko Hit (Joint Command Southeast’s wartime headquarters, just east of Izmir), was the final phase of a four phase training program begun in October 1999. The program’s purpose was to exercise and train the command’s staff in its role as an Army Group headquarters.

Using a fictitious scenario on the mythical continent of Atlantis, the CPX was based upon a NATO Article V situation. Blueland, an alliance member, is threatened by Orangeland and Redland, which are not alliance members. The alliance acts first to deter aggression against Blueland, and when deterrence fails acts to defend Blueland and restore its territorial integrity. Article V of NATO’s Washington Treaty proclaims "an armed attack upon one or more members of the alliance will be considered an attack upon all, and consequently each member, individually and in concert with other members, will take such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the security of the North Atlantic area."

Over 230 military personnel from Izmir participated in the exercise. In addition to Joint Command Southeast, over 80 augmentees from other NATO headquarters took part in the exercise, including NATO’s Consultation, Command and Control Agency; Strategic Command Europe’s Special Exercise Section; Allied Command Europe’s Rapid Reaction Corps; Regional Headquarters AFSOUTH; NAVSOUTH; AIRSOUTH; STRIKEFORSOUTH; and Joint Sub-regional Command’s South, Southcent, and Southwest. Participants were also drawn from the Turkish General Staff, as well as from Hungary – one of NATO’s newest members.

During the exercise, Joint Command Southeast served as the Land Component Commander, in control of all alliance land forces operating in Atlantis. Other headquarters served as response cells and opposing forces.

Although an annual JCSE exercise, DW 00 saw many firsts. This year was the first time the exercise included maritime play. Other firsts for the exercise included NATO’s new concept of supporting and supported relations, host nation support of the exercise through the participation of 15 Turkish officers, the participation of JCSE’s higher headquarters (Regional Headquarters AFSOUTH) through daily live video telephone conferences, and communication with subordinate unit response cells through VTC. Finally, this was the first time this annual exercise was planned by NATO instead of the JCSE staff itself.


For photos of the exercise, click here